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Are you an artist?

Are you a talented dancer, juggler, singer, musician, visual artist, photographer, artisan, comedian...in short: Are you an ARTIST? If so, Nanaimo's Francophone Association wants to know you! Send us your portfolio, demo, resumé and we will add your name to our Local Artist Data Bank. When we require artists for various events, we'll think of you first!


Le groupe Swing

Le groupe Swing

Few groups like LGS know how to create melodies that immediately make us want to smile, dance and party. Recognized throughout Canada as "the arnaqueurs of traditional music," LGS is a unique group that transforms the French-Canadian folk song by adding flavors of American pop music. For nearly 20 years, LGS has been named to the JUNOs and the ADISQ gala and has won 13 Trille Or awards, including "Group of the Year" and "Best Show". The communicative madness and energy of the group irreversibly transform each concert into a unique experience!

2019 will mark our 20-year career, and to emphasize that, we are on the road for a farewell tour! We will begin this winter for the first part of our Great Salute!

The show, as part of the farewell tour, will revisit all the eras of the group that was born in 1999.



Laurie LeBlanc

Laurie LeBlanc did 3000 kilometers to assist three Award Ceremonies in six days and didn't go home empty handed.

October 20 was the 6th annual Gala country francophone in Mont-Tremblant, QC. The Acadian cowboy opened up the show with a medley of three of his hits La Pitoune / Moi-itou Mojito / Country Reggae. He went back to the stage on two different occasions to receive two awards: Tour of The Year (The 20 Show), and Male Vocalist of the Year.

Included with the Tour of The Year winner was a trip to Paris Air Canada. With his Male Vocalist of the Year award, the singer-songwriter received a 2500$ prize from Wrangler. I really want to use this trip to Paris to help develop my Europeen Market, and I thank Wrangler fot the very nice prize also.



Mike Deway

Originally from Quebec City, Michel Lavoie aka Mike DeWay has been on the road for more than forty years. Known for his magnetism, his warm voice and his undeniable artistic sense, he stands out by singing his blues in French as a person. Mike will offer you several new songs and excerpts from the albums Turbulences, and A Gang of Fools. He will certainly know how to convey his emotion and his passion for the blues in all possible ways. With his joie de vivre, his humor, a certain good mankind recalling our songs to answer of yesteryear you will not be able to resist his francophone blues Quebec. Mike lives for blues, blues and blues. His mission is to make sure his message travels as far as possible.


In the early 2000s, Mike developed a BLUES guitar class that gives Wahta school. Elementary school of the Huron-Wendat community. of Wendake near Quebec. And he also gave guitar lessons for beginners from 1990 to 1993 in Charny, a small town on the south shore near Lévis.



Andrew Wells-Oberegger

Multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger Oud, lute, saz, bouzouki, guitar, mandolin, percussion, santoor, bagpipes and flutes. After graduating from Marie-Victorin College in 2000, Andrew mastered classical guitar and renaissance lute. Since then, his interest in ancient instruments and world music has led him to learn the oud, the bagpipe, the saz (a long-handled lute), the mandolin, the bouzouki, the santoor (a Persian stringed instrument), singing, various flutes and three unusual percussions: the daff, the req and the Italian tamburello.

The multi-instrumentalist has been heard on more than 20 albums from different ensembles, including La Nef, Mandragore, ESEM, Cercamon, De Lònga and La Strada. Five of these albums were awarded the Opus Prize, including Best World Music Record, awarded to the ESEM album, recorded and directed by Andrew. (See the discography.)

His particular expertise is that Andrew is asked for as an interpreter, but also as a composer. We will be able to hear it at the Montreal Planetarium in 2017, in the show Mira, the little star. Previously, he collaborated on film music with Robert-Marcel Lepage, Michel Cusson, Gregoire Jeay, Luc Boivin and Normand Roger, among others.



Narissa Young

Narissa's deep connection to music came likely before she was born and has persisted in her life with fierce tenacity. As a companion through the transistor radio that went everywhere with her as a child to learning to play the saxophone in school bands, electric bass in rock bands, studying jazz in college, touring across Canada as a lead vocalist in a rock band and writing, recording and producing her cd SoFar, performing in a myriad of groups and styles it's clear that music IS her home.

Growing up on the incredible West Coast of Canada provided endless inspiration for songs, Narissa is passionate about writing powerful melodies and applying rich vocals that have the ability to touch the soul. Songs about life, love, personal growth and relationships offer a window to her soul and if the listener is willing to look, into theirs also.

Always imminent with Narissa as she constantly observes and absorbs the world around her, drawing on her inner knowing that we are all connected, expansive beings. Her latest passion project is FEVER. Jazz based with soul and pop influences in English, French and Spanish and destined for world stages this project is intimate and offers a sultry view through rich language and world music flavours and textures.



Double the Trouble

Luc and Aidan Wrigley are 14 year old French-Metis and Cree twins who began Fiddling and Jigging at the age of 3. The following year they won gold and silver medals in the Jigging and Fiddling contests at Festival du Voyageur. By six, the twins along with their dad on guitar were busking at the Forks in Winnipeg where they would share new songs and delight fans with their incredible ability to sing and play fiddle.

At age seven they began performing at Festival du Voyageur, an annual winter festival that celebrates the rich Metis and French Canadian culture of Manitoba. Since that time the boys have been busy performing in both English and French at schools, markets, gala events and festivals, most notably the Trout Forest Music Festival in Ontario, the Maple Sugar Festival du Sucres in Calgary, and the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Most recently, the trio wowed a crowd of seventeen thousand people with an amazing performance at the Canada Summer Games and performed with Ashley Macisaac and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra at the Centennial Concert Hall in Winnipeg. In March the brothers were featured along side Juno nominated Indian City in the finale at the Indspre Awards which was nationally broadcast on CBC and APTN in June 2018.

Most recently they performed in Punta Perula, Mexico and will be venturing to Nanaimo, BC. at the end of February to perform at the Maple Sugar Festival and in Parksville at the Ground Zero Acoustic Lounge.




Mark Crissinger Band

Canadian guitarist and bilingual songwriter Mark Crissinger has been performing in pubs, clubs, festivals, and fairs since 1987. For twenty years, he and his bands played an estimated 1500 shows in Ontario and Quebec, including 18 tours of the Maritime Provinces. After moving to British Columbia in 2007, he began to focus on a solo career. But at the Festival this year, the Mark Crissinger Band is performing. This band is known for its upbeat danceable show and always features an all-star cast.


Patrick Aleck

Patrick Aleck, from Stz'uminus and Penelakut First Nations, is a community builder who lives in Nanaimo. He has dealt with many life challenges and has emerged as one of a new generation of young Indigenous leaders. This charismatic and inspiring motivational speaker has led many a group of people in singing and drumming, as he will for the first time at the Maple Sugar Festival du Sucre d'Érable this year.

Vesta Entertainment

Wondering about their name? Vesta is the Roman goddess of the hearth and home. Vesta Entertainment the only professional community circus entertainment troupe based in Nanaimo. They bring circus, magic, dance, theatre, costumes and ambiance to the Festival with stilt-walkers, jugglers, hula hoopers and much much more.

Benoît Ranger

After 15 years in the circus trade - three of which with Cirque du Soleil, two with the Théâtre des deux mondes and five at Radio-Canada's Variétés - Benoît Ranger, better known as the clown Ben La Barouette, thinks up a totally new circus show formula. In 1987, as this new idea gains support within the circus arts community, he sets up Les Transporteurs de Rêves/The Dream Circus, a multi-displinary Circus, Theatre. It breaks away from the old circus tradition in an amusing and peotic kind of a way.


Originally from Québec, follow Gretta (Émilie Leclerc) in her new fantastic adventures. Using her ukulele and twists of imagination, Gretta will put a smile on kid's faces, along with all those who are young at heart.

Ziggy Twister

This balloon twister is very popular at the Maple Sugar Festival du Sucre d'Érable. His balloon sculptures are amazingly detailed and appreciated by both young and old enthusiasts of his craft.

Glitter Girlz

This year, you can assemble your own bracelet with the Glitter Girlz! What fun it is to create your own shiny jewelry!

Magical Faces

Cathy Corbett, a talented artist from Campbell River, is both a face and body paibnter. Her impressive creations are very popular at the Maple Sugar Festival du Sucre d'Érable.


Maurice Guibord

Historian and collector of historical artifiacts, Maurice plays the spoons and dances jigs at the Kids' Corner for the first time at the Festival this year!

Yves Aquin - MC

Yves Aquin is a traditional folk singer who performs songs in styles old and new. With his guitar and her extended repertoire of Québécois, Acadian, and French songs, Yves will put you in the mood to sing along and join in the party!

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