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Order of Toffy
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Listen to the Toffy Theme song, Olé Olé Toffy !,
written and sung in both French and English by
the fabulous Joëlle Rabu

©L'Association des francophones de Nanaimo

L'Association des francophones de Nanaimo - L'Ordre de Toffy - The Order of Toffy


The Order of Toffy was founded in 2008 as a means to honour and recognize individuals from the community who have contributed remarkably to the success and growth of Nanaimo’s Maple Sugar Festival du Sucre d’Érable.

The Order of Toffy nominations are recommended by the Board of Directors of the Nanaimo Francophone Association and the Festival Team Leaders.

This award is simply recognition; it does not abide by any hierarchal level and is approved solely by the Board of Directors of the Nanaimo Francophone Association.

In order to be nominated for the Order of Toffy, one must be a member of the Nanaimo Francophone Association (L’AFN) in good standing, be over the age of 14 years, and must have contributed to the success and growth of the Maple Sugar Festival du Sucre d’Érable for a minimum of three years.

There is no annual limit for nominations brought forth by the Festival Team Leaders. The final decision to accept the recommended nominations from the Festival Team Leaders remains solely in the hands of the Board of Directors of the Nanaimo Francophone Association.


Members of the Order of Toffy

Michel Morin
Martin Lanoie
Marc Boudreau
Léo Vallée
Pauline Cloutier
Marcel Cloutier
Joelle Rabu
Nicole Langlois
Mireille Roy
Eric McNeely
Doug Thurber
Stella Panagiotidis
Léopold Roberge
Henry Thysen
Jacques Pineault
Peter Cunningham
Bert Kaspick
Luc Bégin
Lise Quinn
Tony Quinn
Elizabeth Girard
Amy White
Daniel Caron
William France
Joanne Hogan
Claude Levasseur
Édith Bouchard
Noel Schneider

Nominations must be presented to the Board of Directors of the Nanaimo Francophone Association no later than 45 days after the completion of that year’s Festival and the recipients will be announced during a special ceremony part of the Annual General Meeting of the Association. The names of the new inductees will be announced in the AFN’s newspaper, Le Bastion, and in a press communiqué released throughout local and Francophone communities.

Recipients of the Order of Toffy will receive a one-time commemorative medal engraved with the year of induction. This medal will hang from a ribbon adorned by two vertical stripes, one yellow and one dark blue, representing the colours of the AFN.

During the official ceremony of the Order of Toffy, the inductees will also receive a commemorative pin.

Each year, the potential candidates to be inducted into the Order of Toffy will receive a written invitation by the President of the AFN notifying them of their nomination and asking them to attend the annual initiation ceremony. The invitees who do not attend will not receive their medal and/or pin unless a written letter is received by the AFN President stating their inability to attend and arranging a more conducive date when the award may be presented officially during one of the monthly AFN Board Meetings.

Annually, all recipients of the Order of Toffy will be invited to gather at the official Order of Toffy Breakfast, held on the Saturday morning of each annual Festival from 9am to 10am. A special table, decorated with the Order’s colours, will be reserved for Toffy and his inductees to enjoy a complimentary breakfast together.


They always enjoy and are motivated by their work, are dynamic, positive and love to be part of a team.

They are competent and conscious of producing quality work for the satisfaction of the Festival goers. They are responsible individuals therefore respect the commitment to their tasks.

They are creative with avant-garde ideas and their ability to be open-minded courageously generates new and original ideas.

They are honest, genuine and frank They are true and sincere. They act in good faith and are worthy of trust. They are aware of others and respect the people with whom they work (colleagues, Festival teams, and partners).


  • Is 14 years or older
  • Is member of AFN in good standing
  • Has volunteered for the Festival for at least three years and/or
  • Has brought forth an important contribution(s) to the success of the Maple Sugar Festival du Sucre d’Érable
  • Takes the responsibility to contact the AFN regarding postponing the receipt of the award, should the proposed date not be conducive

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