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Every year the Maple Sugar Festival du Sucre d'Érable offers an excellent School Program during the week in which the Festival takes place.

Presentations take on different flavours every year. They can take place in the schools themselves, at which both a workshop and concert, which acknowledge the theme of the Festival, are offered. As well, students can visit the Festival site to partake in sugar shack traditions.

Students will visit the Festival site at Beban Social Centre in Nanaimo from February 21 to 22. They will delight in tasting the popular toffy on snow, soufflé omelet and tarte au sucre (sugar pie) while listening to the energetic music of Le groupe Swing (elementary school students) and (middle and high school students).

Le groupe Swing

Schools taking part in the festivities at the Festival site are:

Thursday, February 21

  • Hammond Bay Elementary
  • Pauline Haarer
  • École North Oyster
  • Forest Park Elementary
  • Ladysmith Intermediate
  • Rock City
  • Cilaire Elementary
  • Quarterway School
  • École Océane
  • Cinnabar Valley

Friday, February 22

  • Cedar Elementary
  • Chase River Elementary
  • Hammond Bay Elementary
  • École North Oyster
  • Uplands Park Elementary
  • Quarterway School
  • Departure Bay School
  • Home Schoolers

Friday, February 23

  • Rutherford Elementary School
  • Cedar Secondary School
  • Wellington Secondary
  • Aspengrove
  • Dover Bay Secondary

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